>> Saturday, November 14, 2009

OK so I cried reading this

but not as much as I read this

I love The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time because:

1. Even though the title is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, it is actually a story of father-son relationship. And I love everything that has father-son/daughter relationship in it. It reminds me of the one that I had with my late father.
2. The narrator of the story is an autistic boy. It's as though the autistic boy's writing an investigation story because he had been accused of killing his neighbour's dog, so he decided to play detective and write it. So, the way the words are constructed a bit confusing yet amusing.
3. Usually fathers are the bad guys right? In this one, it was the mother who left the family.
4. Hurray to the autistic boy because they aren't supposed to be good in language, but he managed to finish writing a book [as if]. No, Mark Haddon is not autistic, he just happened to be working with them for years :-)
5. A lot of maths and physics in there, we're talking about gifted autistic boy here people, they live for maths and science, it makes my brain hurts HOHO. Luckily, the autistic boy care to explain with pictures. Oh I heard they're good at art too.



aida 2:21 pm  

pinjam buku kejadian aneh tu

tinidewi 2:55 pm  

OK. nanti aku pass dekat aini. tapi jgn terkejut, ada kejadian aneh terjadi dekat buku aku tu. tetiba je ada lubang :-p

Lynn 6:59 pm  

ni mesti ko pilih buku2 tu lepas gi bengkel PTS kan? I wiki-ed the books before doing the translations... and sbb tu aku excited nak tgk TTTW on film :D

tinidewi 7:19 pm  

buying it for research hehe. BTW, watching it on reel maybe more interesting than reading it :-p unless u r the kind of person who love reading in details. 600+ pages OK? oh ok aku terlupa. u guys read harry potter. so, go read TTTW if u must ^_^

aida 7:48 pm  

eh mama, hang takkan tak baca harry potter?

Lynn 11:35 pm  

tu la, masa baca summary kat Wiki pun aku rasa buku ni cambest. nak pinjam! hehe

tinidewi 5:58 pm  

aku tak baca harry potter. tak minat genre tu :-)

lynn, ko nak pinjam yang mana? TTTW? Haa yang tu pon ada kejadian aneh berlaku. terlipat sana terlipat sini kuikuikui. malu aku nak kasi pinjam.

Lynn 9:41 pm  

hehehe tak kisahhh

tinidewi 7:15 am  

wokay... nanti kalau jumpa, aku bawak.

Mynie 11:13 am  

kak tini,
mcm best je buku kejadian aneh, reading your review. nak pinjam lepas aida boleh? no rush, lagi dua tiga bulan pun takpe :)

tinidewi 9:42 pm  

boleh. no problemo. again, ada kejadian aneh OK kat buku tu. jangan terkejut.

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