>> Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gang of Four disuspend sehingga March tshun depan :-(


Lynn 1:59 pm  

I know. Me sad too. :( The remaining Gang of 3 must still meet up occasionally too, irregardless!

Ummu Auni Afif 9:41 am  

wei gang of 3 pun boleh jumpa per :P

Anonymous 2:17 am  

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tinidewi 8:34 am  

ingat aku hadap sangat ke dengan easy money. hangin satu badan.

aida 8:54 pm  

nanti kita jumpa next year yer.. walaupun internet ada (courtesy of baiti), seriously i have less time facebooking, blogging etc..

Lynn 12:45 pm  

Ala Kak Tini, tu spam tu.

Yeah, we still can meet what the Gang of 3. Aida, don't worry, ko belajar je kat sana... next year jumpa.

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