>> Thursday, September 16, 2004

"Aiyoyo I'm getting fat!"
"Why do you say so?"
"Because my cloth is shrinking!"
"Suits you right. Eat so much." He gets my glare.
"Never mind, I'll fast for three days starting tommorrow."
"Fasting with the intention to slim gets no pahala."


Yeah, my husband is very good in giving you the ouch.

Remember his "pakai tudung bukan nak melawa" remark, when I asked him if I'm pretty wearing the tudung?

A tudung sekolah at that. Not the glamour-glamour type with glittering beads so on. Just one simple tudung sekolah. Yet the remark. Sheesh.

He could just say something nice to satisfy my ego and self esteem, no?

And, there's another thing that I want to complain about him. I can't go gossipping or kutuking other people in front of him. Everytime I want to kutuk or ngumpat Doc, GS, GJ, A, Mem, scary people, etc., he'll give me his icy cold look. With his twitched eye brow, which is very very frightening to look at. [When you see this, it's best for you to run faaaaaaar away from him]

And, yesterday, when he came home from the surau after isya' prayer around 9.45 p.m. and upon seeing me [like, forever] lepaking in front of the tv instead of reciting Quran, he threatened to take the TV away from me for being lagha all the time. Please, not my tv, pretty please with sugar on top.

And, he preached me a lot. Bla bla bla.

And, he didn't sleep with me on the bed because according to him, the bed gives him luxury and luxury is something he doesn't want. So, he sleeps on the floor in the living room with his Quran recital MP3 running.

And, he's always not at home. His past time is mostly spent in the mosque or surau.

Yes, I know! My husband is a GOOD man, but why am I complaining?

p/s: Su, puas hati tak dengan biodata ni? :P


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