>> Monday, September 20, 2004

I cried when he sang Jeritan Batinku last friday. Not that his voice is mesmerizing my soul, eventhough his look is :D, but because he sang it badly. Really, really bad.

And I had actually expected the best from him. Or at least, not singing horribly. Because I'm beginning to like him. His cool demure, his sincereness to music, his genuine emotion to the competition, and how well he brought himself to criticism. (And how good looking and tall he is teehee.. oh, and his long hair :P)

I don't know if it was intentional, because it wasn't a secret that he didn't really want to be in the Final, what more being Malaysian Idol.

Says Andrew in his website:
"So I'm in the top 30 of Malaysian Idol. But so what? I'm not happy at all. I wish I could walk up to the judges and ask them why me, and why not the other better singers. I know so many are dying to be where I am, they put in so much effort, they tried so hard, and they sang so well. So much better than me. Yet, I messed up, and still got in. I really have to question why. Is it God's blessing? Sigh. God, why? It's so obviously unfair. I'm puzzled, boggled, confuzzled, and totally downright sad that some of my friends, who I was really expecting to be in all the way, didn't make it. I know as a singer, they deserve more than this. I weep for them. I did. But now that I'm in, there's no turning back, and I must do my best, to prove the faith of the judges in me was worthwhile. I hope I can live up to the expectations of the organizers, my friends, my relatives, the viewers and my fellow contestants. Especially those that got eliminated before the top 30. You guys are the best. Farhen (Farah), this poem is for you. You will be my first Malaysian Idol too. No matter who wins."

He himself hinted in the previous shows that he doesn't really know what he's doing in the competition and he seems to be uncomfortable with the attention he's getting from his fans.

It's obvious that show business is not his cup of tea.

But last Friday, he looked like he's getting serious and determined to win the competition. Sadly though, perhaps when he think of winning, for the first time ever, he's losing his coolness. He obviously looked nervous and started off with a rather cracky voice. And the disaster continued till the end of his song.

People actually went silence for that was his worst performance ever. They didn't know whether they should clap. Guess no one would have thought he could sing that bad.

Oh, my poor Andrew.

I badly wanted to vote for him so that I can still watch him on TV :guilty grin: but I didn't, because that would be unfair. Unfair for those talented others, eventhough I don't really fancy that suspiciously-gay Saiful, who might be voted out in the expense of keeping Andrew. Especially unfair to Andrew, because it wouldn't do him any good if he's still there to accept harsh criticism and mockery from the judges and the non-fans, unless if he improved at the next round.

Luckily, yippie yay, my Andrew is still in the show! Weeheee!! Bye bye Saiful...

:jumping up side down like a monkey:

Oh, I think I wanna go stalking him in his website.

Hahahaha lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Mat Tabligh kejar.


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