>> Tuesday, September 21, 2004

This is weird.

Remember I said that Andrew's rendition of Jeritan Batinku was bad?

Surprisingly, his voice and the melody of his rendition keeps on playing in my head. And I unconciously keep on singing "Dengar, oh jeritan batinku" ala Andrew as I do my work.

Oh no!

Am I.... getting delusional or what?

It's like bitter chocolate you know. At first bite, you thought the taste is a little bit peculiar, and you don't like it. But you keep on taking bit by bit, and you'll realise that bitter chocolate is not bad at all. Not bad at all.

In fact, it's delicious.

I guess Andrew is like bitter chocolate. Perhaps he can be the yummy milk chocolate if he puts lots of sugar and milk into his singing.


Apa ko merepek ni tini?


Yesterday, we worked late until 8 p.m. Mat Tabligh seemed to have a lil bit of problem looking after Al-Budet, and keep on calling me to ask when will I be back.

He was determined to go to Surau for Maghrib prayer, thus bringing the baby along with him. Alas, the baby wailed like there's no tommorrow when they reached the surau and refused to part with his father. The dissappointed [and malu] Mat Tabligh then came back to pray at home. Hahaha.. now you know haaa.


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