>> Sunday, September 26, 2004

Saturday, I woke up on a lovely morning. Saturdays have always has nice weather. Now that I no longer work on Saturdays, the weather seems to be nicer. Yeah, I love Saturdays.

After sending Al-Budet to the nursery, I started off the morning spring cleaning the house. I took out all the stuffs in the storeroom and rearranged them. I even took the babycot in our bedroom out and put it into the storeroom. Guess that thing will reside there until the next baby arrives hehehehe.

Then I folded last week's laundry that I was so lazy to fold before. The clothes had mounted on the sofa for the whole week teehee. In between, I did the laundry. Hmm.. we wore so much clothes in a week, what more with a baby boy who always get his clothes dirty. Luckily I have the front loading automatic washing machine with me. [Note the boastful tone]

It rained cats and dogs in the afternoon. The aftermath was wonderful, the smell of earth and the damp air gave reason for a short nap.

The two boys who always driving me crazy, one big one small, sleeped side by side in the bedroom. Ah, my boys... they always look cute when they sleep.

The big one, twirling himself like a cat, has always this peaceful and serene look whenever he's sleeping. Remind me of why I had loved him, married him and still loving him.

The small one, aiyoh, this one is a disaster. He tossed here and there, changing position soo many times. Baby cot is not an option for him. That's why I put the babycot in the storeroom. But he's foreverly cute, off course :D

Saturdays are lovely. I even get chirping birds stepping into my balcony, singing their melodious song. The weather, the husband, the kid, the apartment, the feeling,... everything is wonderful. Thank you, GOD.

Lets see what Sunday has to offer.


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