>> Tuesday, September 28, 2004

It would have been a romantica d'amor moment for us when he landed his head on my thigh IF he had not find it fascinating to discuss about the wellbeing of my thigh. Laughing out loud at my "pillowed" thigh and saying what an A class Dunlopillow it was, is not a compliment. Because we both knew he was literally talking about the enormous fats that lies underneath the thigh.

Ah.. but he's lucky enough to be married with me. Being a comical person myself, I just laugh off at his humour. Some women might have karate and chop him to 18 parts because, other than age, weight is another sensitive issue for women.

Well, sensitive or not, that was a happy moment for us, eventhough it happened so brief. Ameer couldn't find any better time to wake up from his afternoon nap ggrr.


Yesterday J went jumping upside down when she saw Mat Tabligh's old picture on my laptop's wallpaper. She went,"Eh, is that your husband? Sure ah? Why so handsome? Eh, sure his hair this long? Hensemnyaaaa!", still jumping upside down. She looked like those teenage girls, drooling over the handsome Taiwanese heartthrobs, F4. Hahahah.

So I told her,"This is how he deceived me into being his girlfriend. Because soon after that he cut his hair. Now, he's bald."

At that time, I was so into the bad guys. Long haired guys, donning rockers outfit (nirvana sort of rockers, not the rock kampung type), with rough and mysterious expression on their face, minus the cigarate. The good guys looked so unyummy to me. Well, Mat Tabligh actually fell into the good guys category, and he wasn't in my radar until he courted me. Ah, if it wasn't for his good look and long hair....

Hahaha very the rupalistik, yes? Kalau muka ko tu cun takpe la :P

That was few years ago. When I was still a kanak-kanak riang. Now I know there's more to one's look and appearance.

LOBSTER IN THE SEA. Lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......


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