>> Monday, October 04, 2004

Ah damn!

That Tik guy from Thailand is so fine. I couldn't help myself from drooling over him as I watched the last episode of "The Princess" (I took a leave today, Ameer's nursery tutup kedai for a day). Aiyoo, him wearing military uniform is oh so handsome gegege. Somebody please remind me that married women are not supposed to drool over other men teehee.

Pinch me, ouch!

While other women go crazy over the Eurasian men, David Beckham, Brad Pitt and that fine Ralph something Lynn and Aida keep on blabberring about to name a few, I on the other hand, dig the Asian guy. Well those Eurasian men surely are yummy, but to me, they are not in my oohs and aahs list.

Last time, my head went hoolabaloo over Jerry Yan from F4 for almost a year. That time I was already married to Mat Tabligh. Off course he knew about it since it is kinda obvious, I couldn't shut my mouth talking about Jerry all the time tee hee hee. That was 2002.

Then I was so into Ken Zhu. He's from F4 too hahahaha. As a matter of fact, I dig all members of F4, except Vanness. Ken is very very very very cool. Like him in Marmalade boy. So kawaiiiii.....

Then I got pregnant. There's no time to drool over these cool guys hahaha. I no longer surf the net to look at their photos, and no longer join any yahoogroups discussing stuffs about them. Furthermore, I'm 20plus for God sake?! Why am I doing all that teenagy stuffs? Soo cacat. Hahahaha.

But now, here I go again. Drooling over Tik. Oh, he is so fine! Not to mention my latest fling with Andrew Tan from Malaysian Idol.

Oh, crazy! Yeah chaotic mama, that's me.


p/s: will update trip to PD later.


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