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I have been wondering quite a long time about this. What does it takes for a woman to don sexy clothing which reveals most of her skin? Or reveals the curves of her body?

I believe, it takes a LOT of courage to do so.

Because it is no secret that boys goggle eye the opposite sex every now and then. And visualize a LOT.

A-a, don't lie to me, boys :D

They especially go gugu gaga over the more interesting part of the body, well you know which. The boing-boing and the two-round-pointy-thing on your back.

Even when you are properly dressed, they would goggle eye you, so what more if you are not? And sometimes you would feel as if they were undressing you with their eyes. Macam orang lapar nasi.

As for me, I am very conscious of my body and become uneasy when I wear sexily , because I know the boys will be looking at my boing-boing and butt. Don't tell me that I'm perasan (because I am hahaha), but I came to know about this a few years back, when Mat Tabligh was my bf and still not a mat tabligh.

Actually he didn't want to tell me about this, but for whatever reason I didn't remember (perhaps to force me to wear proper tudung), the story came out.

Apparently the boys were cuci mata-ing in the lobby back in the Melaka campus. They were discussing among themselves about the size of the poor girl students who naively looked upon to these Abang Senior (who are undeniably handsome too hehe) that passed by the lobby or waited for the elevator. Mat Tabligh usually wouldn't bothered joining them boys (at least that's what he told me)

Then this conversation took place,
A: Huiyoo power aaa boing-boing budak tu!
B: Mana-mana?
A: Yang tu laaa.
C: Ha ah la power aaa.
D, E, F and the others joined in.
Z: Wey Mat **** ko tanak tengok ke?
Mat Tabligh gave them his usual sengih kerang busuk.
Y: Eleh, dia apa susah. Awek dia punya lagi power.

What the ....????? Horror ke tak horror?

And I have five brothers and their friends that would make me understand how women anatomy is the boys' best subject of interest. Plus a concerned, conventional dad who chained his only daughter with a virtual iron steel chain on her leg for her safety and dignity.

In a nutshell, I'd say that it takes a lot of courage for women to don such sexy and revealing clothing, to face the challenge of the un-said and un-done sexual harrassment by the men.

But if you think only women suffered harrasment for wearing sexy clothing, think again.

Some men too suffered. These are the good men. If you girls just knew the agony they have to go through. The battle between lust and their strong belief to the religion and moral is no joke. It's real. It's devastatingly aching, and painstaking. Yup, it's that bad. Ask the good men. Ask Reid hehehe.

That's why God reminds the muslimin to control their sight. The fitrah of men is that they became easily aroused through sight, while women aroused through touch. A lot of us failed to understand this, and we keep on denying that we at some point, did contribute to rape and incest.

So, it is my hope that women would dress properly and don't provoke the men. And to the men, my advice is, kalau tak tahan tu, puasalah ye. Lepas tu baca Quran banyak-banyak :P


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