>> Wednesday, December 01, 2004

In KL, there are many a time when you should be selfish. Like when you're in the lrt, and standing.

I was standing in front of a man reading The Sun. Besides me was a girl. Well, it's a trick to stand in front of the people sitting, because when they'll get up, you'll get their seat hehehe. Like what I had anticipated, the guy got up when we reached the Masjid Jamek station.

When the seat finally vacant, I felt like the time frozen for a while between me and the girl. It's like, OK now it's between you and me, who deserved the seat more?

Both angel and devil played their part in my head. And yup, the devil always win! Don't blame me. Blame the devil. You, bad devil!

Hah! Go to hell to goodie goodie Cinderella, and welcome aboard selfish Tini. This is KL. No need to feel guilty.

Furthermore, her butt couldn't fit.


Wallau wey! Cun siot meeting room kat Menara Maxis. Dah la mamat-mamat dia, very the impressive gitu. Kalau letak Ina kat tempat aku, gerenti bontot dia tak selesa duduk.


Only today I managed to open a new account at Bank Islam. Now I am so pleased with myself for the drastic move to change banks.

Actually I had been planning to open up a Bank Islam / Bank Muamalat account for quite a long time. I believe that as a Muslim, it does not hurt if we put our faith and belief to Islamic Banking.

Off course the convensional banks also have their islamic banking, but how true they are at practising the concept is a question mark. How could you ascertain that your money in the same bank (that offers both islamic and convensional banking) is not being used to invest in haram entities, such as gambling and liquor business?

No, you could not.

Perhaps we did not have a choice before. But now, we have Bank Islam, Bank Muamalat and Tabung Haji. And they are as efficient as the popular banks.

To my surprise, Bank Islam has their Internet banking too. And not charging for the facility. Well, at least for now.

Most of their fees are cheaper. For example, you only pay RM1.05 for a banker's cheque, in comparison with BCB RM2.50 and Maybank RM5.

And now that Bank Islam is within my office building, I can pay my utility bills, insurance, deposit my tabung haji saving, pay zakat and whatnot at the counter without a cost! Before, Maybank charged me RM1 for each transaction.

If you want to argue about the time consumption, I tell you, that's not a issue here. The bank is usually empty :D


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