>> Thursday, December 02, 2004

This is a sad love story.

Meriam is a princess. Johnson is a mere commoner. On top of that, they're of different religion.

I believe that they were so in love at that point of time, that he went all the way to smuggle his princess out of her country to Los Angeles.

Meriam lost her family and title, but I don't think she cared. She had wanted to get out of her rigid life (as she claimed), and thanks to Johnson she got what she wanted.

Poor Johnson. Because of his antics in the name of love, he lost his career as a marine, and barred from re-enlisting. He then worked as a valet parker, parking cars of hotel and casino guests to put food on the table.

And Meriam? She was tempted of "the city of sin" life, frequented night clubs and casinos every night, and ignored her husband.

Now, they are divorced after five years of marriage. She's the one asking for it.

I think, there's hole in Johnson's heart at this moment. Tulah, lain kali jangan bawak lari anak dara orang. Padan muka :P

I hope that Meriam will be back to the guiding light. Amin.


"Rambut dah pendek?"
"Ha ah kak, suami saya potongkan pagi raya. Kat Kelantan panas."
"Wah, pandai suami awak potong, cantik! Tak payah pegi kedai."
"Hehehe ha ah."
"Eh, cantiklah baju awak!"
"Hehehe, suami saya yang belikan."
"Berapa ringgit ye ni? Cantik material dia..."
Baju punjabi aku dibelek-belek.
"Tak tahulah kak. Suami saya tak bagitau."
"Ooohh... kira surprise la nih?"
"Taklah kak. Saya merajuk, dia lupa birthday saya."
Masih tersengih.
"So nak pujuk, belikan baju la?"
"Eheh, ha ah kak."
"Bagus la macam tu. Merajuk dapat baju."
Kami ketawa.

Mesranya suasana. Aku rasa keadaan tandas wanita memang begini :P


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