Not 28.

>> Thursday, March 22, 2007

I was at Residence Hotel @ Uniten attending a two-day workshop when I received two smses, saying something like, happy 28th birthday.

I was like, hellooooo people? I am still 27 okay? My birthday is only due on 29th March, which is another 7 days to go.

I am not that old. Yet.

Bah. Imagine how freaky it is when I reach twenty nine. Which is the borderline to thirty.

Gasp! Thirty? That, would be even freakier.

[2]I've learned that if you want your kids to do something, you'll need some enticement. Like, for example, to promote diaper-free environment, you'll need to blind them with cute undies, so that they'll say bye bye huggies, hello undies.

To date, Ameer has spiderman, ultraman and few soccerballs undies. Of course the one with small prints of soccerball all over is his favorite.

But shall I add, you may have to deal with pant-less kids. They goes around the house in tops and undies only.

Also, fellow younger kid who gets jealous for not getting her own undies. OK dear, when your time comes, I'll get you Princess undies hmm?


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