A girl named Jenny.

>> Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jenny, standard 1 Mawar. She speaks fluent Malay, English, Chinese and Thai. Thanks to her Chinese dad and Thais Mom, and her friendly nature with the mixed-culture neighbours in our neighbourhood.

Jenny and her brother, Steward, came to our house (uninvited) yesterday to play with my kids. Fearing their safety outside, I then asked my kids to come inside for dinner. I thought Jenny and her brother would then scout home. Oh dear, they still hanging around ... so I've invited them in.

I gave them a bowl of mee each, but they politely declined my offer. Jenny told me that her mom reminded them not to eat at other people's house, and her mom was cooking dinner at home for them. Obviously, such a good-mannered kids they are. But they didn't refuse the chocolate I gave them hehe.

They stayed until Isya' watching Dora, playing action figures and colouring with my kids. When my husband came back from Shah Alam, Steward suddenly became afraid and wanted to go home. Jenny hugged her kid brother and told him not to be afraid because my kids' dad will not get angry. Ameer too told Steward not to worry, Abah tak marah.

I was in the toilet, tending to Zahra's poo when Jenny came to me and said, "Makcik, saya nak balik ye? Mak saya suruh balik." Then I heard her mom's voice, apologising and thanking my husband for taking care of her kids.

I believe my kids have better social life at the new environment :-D


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