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>> Saturday, June 21, 2008

I get a new laptop last week. It's a Dell. At first, I didn't want to use a laptop at office because I was more comfortable with my desktop, with big screen and high speed processor, and I dislike the idea of assembling the laptop every now and then. With my dear old desktop, I just switch on the computer by just pushing a button with my middle finger the first thing in the morning as I reach the office, and switch it off when I want to go home. If I were to use a laptop, then I have to do a little bit more like, taking it out from my knapsack, putting it on the table, attaching the power adapter, mouse bla bla. But since the company is so generous to give me one, I have to give in, and sadly depart with my dear old desktop. Tsk.

It takes a while for the laptop to warm up, and I cannot tolerate a slow computer; it gives me all the nerves in the world. But I do get some benefits out of it. Like, for example, booking my flight ticket to Bangkok next July and getting the latest juicy gossips during a boring meeting hehe.


The laptop gave me a blue screen yesterday. Whadddaa?? I mean, hello?? you are new and you are already sick?? The techie guy is going to get some wacha from me when he come to fix it next Monday.

Luckily I have a techie hubby. He fixed it up last night without me asking, but of course, he needs the laptop for his sojourning :-p


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