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>> Monday, July 21, 2008

We are getting closer to becoming an average Malaysian family, now that we have moved to the new neighbourhood.

A nagging mother, checked.
A computer game addict father, checked.
Another computer game addict kid, who always keep on updated on the latest craze of cartoon figure, and has the need to become like the cartoon figure, checked.
Another kid who'll self actualize if she gets her mom very,very angry, checked.

We have our own terraced house. We have kids coming to our house to play. And, we are actually talking to neighbours. And dogs to mess our rubbish bin. And stray cats to talk to.

Now I don't have to talk to stray cats and my kids need not chase them, because we have our own. We have a pet!

We are beginning to freak actually, because it is such a big responsibility to keep a pet, but since our social worker neighbours seemed so earnest asking us to accept the kitten and the fact that the kitten come from animal shelter where they work that may have limited capital to keep a large number of animal, we said "OK" in somewhat 50-50 confidence kind of voice.

We received the kitten at around 7 p.m. Saturday, and an hour later we dashed to MidValley to get the basic things. Like, a cage to confine him during toilet training session, a bag of litter sand (the most cheap one hehehe), a blue bowl (since its a boy) for his food and water, blue poo scoop and a bag of Whiskes.

He had an accident on his first attempt to wee and poo in the new place, but we need to put more patience considering that it was not the usual litter box and litter sand that he was accustomed to, and the fact that he is still a toddler, and may be missing his mom badly.

We asked for both of them sibling, but my neighbour said that they need the other kitten to temankan the mother. Maybe she is a first time mom, and that would be hazardous for her emotional well-being to lose her kids. My husband proposed that we asked for another kitten from the shelter so that he will not be so lonely, but I said that one is enough responsility. Let try this one first, and see if we can manage another one.

Back to toilet training story, alhamdulillah, he managed to wee and poo in the litter box in second attempt. Hooray to all of us!

He has no name yet, and would appreciate some ideas :-)


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