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>> Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Office, 5.45 p.m.

Me: OK, dah. Jom balik!
Mat Kang: Dah? OK!

Lobby, before stepping into the parking lot lift, 5.50 p.m.

M'am: Tini... [panic]
Me: Ha-ah?
M'am: En. R nak jumpa. [panic]
Me: Alamak! Sebab apa? [Intro nak panic]
M'am: Entah. Regarding VoIP sebab he told A [note: secretary En. R], either Pn. F or Hartini. I pon adoooiiii.... ni VoIP la nih. Husband you dah tunggu ke?
Me: Ha-ah la, M'am.
M'am: Takpe, sekejap je. Boleh?
Me: OK-OK.

Quickly made a call to inform Mat Kang, and went to Level 6.

Level 6, Outside VP Office, 5.55 p.m.

Me: Mood OK ke tak OK?
A: Nampak OK je.
Me: Oh ye ke? [In un-convincingly kind of tone]
M'am: Oh you sampai lagi awal from me.
Me: Hehehe.

Level 6, Inside VP Office, 6.00 p.m.

VP: So, how's the paper this morning? Have you reviewed the analysis?

We found his first question very puzzling because he was not very keen and enthuasistic when we present to him the proposal early that morning. He even rejected our proposal. Mentah-mentah macam tu je.

M'am: We thought that you would like to meet up with the partner for elicitation. As for the analysis on the impact of the deal company wide, it is just a matter of reviewing the numbers, that wouldn't take so long, kan Tini?
Me: Yes. Because the current analysis take into account on XXX only, which is only a small portion of the whole volume. If we take into account company wide, the cost saving and revenue projection would be very convincing to justify the partnership.

As we tried our best to goreng, we watched him in puzzle as he walked to his discussion table, took his briefcase and sat on his working table.

VP: OK, so when is the meeting with XXX?
Me: 6th August. 9.oo a.m.

Out of the blue, and tactfully I shall add, he took out a catalogue from his briefcase, making us even more suspicious.

VP: Erm, what paint colour did you say cantik this morning?

Me and M'am terpempan.

Me and M'am: Barley White!

Layannnzzzzz. Another 5 minutes discussion on the color scheme and home deco theme :-p

Level 6, Outside VP Office, 6.10 p.m.

Me and M'am looked at each other, and we laughed. Of all the issues that we could think of, he actually called for us, after office hour, just because he wants second opinion on the colour of the walls of his new bungalow. This is the VP we are talking about, people.


Why can't he just give us a call????? Ggrr.


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