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>> Thursday, November 05, 2009

It is amazing how inspirational So You Think You Can Dance can be that I cried.

I don't know what to do with Nigel. To hate him, or to love him. For he can be very inspiring with his words of wisdom, giving you meaningful advise on how you can improve, and motivating you to keep the passion of dancing. The way he praises you for a good performance makes you cry for his sincerity really shows. Its hard to hate him with his fatherly figure, always showing concern if you have a twisted ankle, or a broken knee. Yet, he can be brutal too with his honesty, because the truth can sometimes kill you, and his words has a way to cut you deep.

But no doubt, Nigel is the star of the show. IMO, he is the best reality TV judge ever.


aida 10:42 am  

oh is it? tapi muka nampak baik siot

aku dok rumah pun dah hapal tv programs astro.. cisss

tinidewi 11:38 am  

memang baik sey. tu yang aku nangis tu wakakakaka. tak pernah aku tgk judge realiti tv mcm dia. most of the time, diorang asek condemn yo, komen tak membina langsung. but nigel is different. i loike his 'english' english, teratur and tersusun je ayat.

cuma jgn buat dia pissed off la. nanti keluar la ayat2 sarcastic dia tu. makan dalam woooo....

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