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>> Friday, July 13, 2012

With Monsieur Tefal. Yes, he's French.

Well, you see, to meet Monsieur Tefal at the age of 33 with three kids (plus another one coming, insya-Allah), is quite pathetic. I mean, every home should have a tefal. It is easy to clean. It cooks faster. And you won't burn your pan. Even if it gets burn, you don't have to scrub your manicured fingers out. Just let it sit under water for few minutes and wash it as usual. Easy peasy.

Most importantly, it needs not oil to prevent your chicken from sticking to the pan. It's healthy and Dr. Oz would have aprroved.

I wouldn't have met Monsieur Tefal if it wasn't for Haji Mad. He went to Langkawi, got all excited about tefal and brought one home. He would have bought more if he wasn't thinking about where to put them all.

What amazes me is the fact that he knows about tefal :-p

I can't wait to show my mom my brand new tefal when she comes to help during my confinement. I'll say, "Mak, nanti mak masakkan ikan panggang pakai kuali baru tini, ya?" [motif nak berlagak dengan mak sendiri? kah3x]


knv 11:24 am  

pathetic? not at all. i'm still dreaming for my stand mixer. yess! still using hand mixer all these while. and i'm 36! and i love baking. maybe that's pathetic heheh.

jom pi langkawi. nak borong pinggan lagik heheh.

Smiley 11:02 pm  

suke tefal! arghh
haha lawakmu sis!

tinidewi 8:43 am  

Memang tak pathetic pun. Biasalah ai, drama over the top kah3x.

Ehem. Dah ada orang cakap, "Kalau nak beli tefal lagi, kita pergilah. Awak belum pernah pegi Langkawi kan?" Nyeh nyeh.

aida 9:57 am  

kagum daku dengan statement bahawa haji mad kenal tefal.. ngeee

tinidewi 10:55 am  

aku pun terdiam beberapa minit bila dia cakap dia beli kuali tefal kah3x.

Smiley 4:01 pm  

saya dah gi langkawi 3 kali..tak sanggup dah nak gi ehehhe

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